Awards and Honors

February 2006: Harvard Business Review’s 2006 Reading List for the book Appreciative Intelligence: Seeing the Mighty Oak in the Acorn. 

June 2001: McGregor Award winner, jointly announced by the Journal of Applied

Behavioral Science and Sage Publications for the best articles published in JABS each year from 1990-1999.

January 1997: Literati Club’s Outstanding Paper Award for the most outstanding paper published in the 1996 volume of Journal of Organizational Change Management.

December 1997: Entire editorial of Project Management Journal, the flagship journal of the Project Management Institute, devoted to the activities and impact of the Organizational Learning Laboratory at the Johnson Center.

November 1997: Article co-authored with Ken Gergen (Organization Science as Social Construction) chosen for publication in the International Library of Management. The Library brings together the most significant published journal essays in contemporary management studies.

September 1997: The special journal issue on Asian Americans and organizational diversity (co-editor, JABS, September, 1997) chosen by Sage Publication as "articles with impact."

July 1996: Citation of Excellence for the article Filmic representations for organizational analysis (co-author). Awarded by the Editorial Advisory Board of ANBAR Electronic Intelligence, an on-line service that reviews the top journals in the world each month, ascribing quality ratings to their content.

1994-95: The College of Arts and Sciences’ Program for the Curriculum Award. George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A.

1993-94: Minority Faculty Retention Program Award, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A.

1990-91: Governance in Nonprofit Organizations Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. Awarded by Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, Indiana, U.S.A.

1989-90: Mandel Research Fellowship for the Study of Nonprofit Organizations. Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, U.S.A. 

December 1982: Awarded University Gold Medal and All India Post-Graduate Scholarship for obtaining the top position in University of Delhi, India for M.A. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

December 1977: Awarded President of IndiaGold Medal, Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship, College Crest, College Color and Certificate of Merit for obtaining the top position in University of Delhi, India, for B.A. (Honors) in Psychology.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

Academy of Management

The NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science

Taos Institute